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March for Recovery

Today we march for recovery. This is truly a great day for me. I have come a long way yet today is about awareness and strength in unity. I have exhausted all resources to be here today and though uncertainty swirls around me like a tornado; but, there is no other place I would rather be.

We have traveled from places far and near to unite for one purpose to march for recovery and the life we have found. Having faced our addiction, we gather our collective voices of recovery we join in a cause against the peril of addiction and that you are not alone and though we are as one today many paths lead to the road of recovery that we all can share together.

The message that I have come to learn and why I have come here today. I have traveled all over America marching for causes that speak to me. Having been given a new understanding of who I am and how to take action in the world around me and that we all can change not only ourselves but the world we live in together.

None of this would be possible without sobriety, and my recovery depends on my ability to reach out to others and allowing others to reach out to me.

As I find my voice in recovery, I have learned to listen and hear other voices of recovery and now suddenly I am not alone and take great joy in sharing my message with others and today I march with all of those that have been affected by addiction and now share in recovery.

This is my seventh march of the year for me. This one above all personally has made all the others possible, and though it comes at the end of one era surely it is the start of a new journey on this path of recovery where today I do not stand alone. I stand together and march for this life I have been given.


(via SAMHSA)

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